Performance Opportunities

Sharing thoughts, feelings, and stories through song with an audience is one of the most fulfilling and affirming experiences a singer can have. All students of voice should be given the opportunity to share their voice with others in performance. We provide a variety of performance opportunities so that every singer who wishes to perform has an appropriate place to do so. The best way to improve performance skills is to perform as often as possible.

The opportunities we provide include:

  1. Recitals: During the year at least two recitals, one in a small venue for students and a small audience, and another in a larger venue that is open to anyone whom the students wish to invite.
  1. Private and holiday music parties: These parties are for students only, no other audience. There is a special Halloween party for kids and teens with costumes, games, prizes, recital, and Halloween sing along.
  1. NATS Recitals: As a member of National Association of Teachers of Singing, Alison Collins offers the opportunity to perform in regional recitals that are open to the public and sponsored by the San Francisco Bay Area Chapter of NATS. These recitals are designed more for the adult and teen student.
  1. Competitions and auditions: We are well informed of auditions and competitions and encourage students to participate in any that are appropriate.
  1. Volunteer Opportunities: Solo volunteer opportunities are available to those intermediate to advanced students who would like to share their talents with volunteer organizations that provide musical entertainment to retirement communities and community centers.
  1. Certificate of Merit: Certificate of Merit is a program that provides a systematic and comprehensive plan to develop performance skill, technique, ear-training and sight reading skills, and understanding of music theory. Students enrolled in CM have the opportunity to perform for a highly skilled adjudicator receive an evaluation covering their performance, technique, ear training, sight reading, and written theory. For more information about Certificate of Merit, please visit: