Voice Lessons

Every singer can experience the joy of singing expressively with warmth and freedom. With over thirty years of experience singing professionally and over twenty years teaching, Alison Collins knows first hand the needs of singers and is passionately committed to helping them. She uses the foundation of her years of training in classical bel canto style and other diverse vocal music traditions, to listen to, evaluate and respond to each singer and their unique gifts and goals. She works with singers of all ages and will help you:

  • Sing with greater power and freedom without strain
  • Extend your range
  • Perform confidently with enjoyment and spontanaity
  • Improve breath flow management/support
  • Sing with a more vibrant and focused tone
  • Sing with clearer diction
  • Perform with studio provided performance opportunities (Studio recitals, NATS recitals)
  • Increase your skills in music theory and sight singing
  • Sing in French, Italian, German, Spanish, and Latin
  • Select appropriate repertoire for performance, study, and auditions
  • Have more fun singing!